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Controls have a wide network of Service facilities around the world composed of own service experts (located in Italy, France, Mexico, Poland, Spain, UK and USA) and Authorized Distributors service technicians.

Controls provides technical training to all Authorized Distributors to guarantee a high level of support to all customers globally.

Installation Services. Our technicians are available to come to your site to provide guidance for equipment installation and commissioning. This is applicable in particular for:

  • Controls Advanced Equipment where the verification of the correct settings is fundamental
  • New laboratories where a large number of equipment and accessories are to be installed

Our technicians can assist in:

  • Checking proper equipment placement for a correct laboratory material flow,
  • Checking that all connections (fluid, power, data connectivity…) are properly done,
  • Checking that all safety measures are in place,
  • Supervise to the initial equipment parameters setting
  • Checking that equipment is ready for start-up
  • Provide the basic instruction training to customer operators for equipment usage and maintenance (based on our Manuals).

Before the arrival of our Service technicians it is important that:

  • Customer has confirmed to Controls the implementation of all pre-requisite communicated by Controls (utilities, power, data connectivity, safety, equipment placement)
  • Equipment is ready in place and connected to utilities, power and data network
  • Where applicable, PC’s are available with any required software and licences already activated
  • Operators have familiarized themselves with instruction Manuals, tools and sample for testing


Service Agreements. Controls Service offers to our customers packages of Preventive Maintenance Services that aim to:

  • Reduce the risks of equipment downtimes
  • Maintain the equipment value over the years
  • Provide a direct channel with Controls Service
  • A guaranteed yearly intervention automatically planned by Controls
  • Extended material warranty for the parts utilized

We can offer different level of Services (available in some countries) as follows:

A] Yearly Preventive Maintenance & Calibration Packages (available in some countries). Includes:

  • Fixed prices all-inclusive for 3 consecutive years
  • Planned interventions for maintenance and calibrations
  • Verification & calibration reports

B] Extended Warranties (available in some countries). Includes:

  • Extended duration of Controls warranty terms
  • Extended remote support of Controls for your equipment

C] Advanced Long-Terms Service Agreement. Controls proposes to our customers advanced packages of Services that aim to establish a long-term collaboration to enhance your laboratory performance and keep them up to date with the latest technological developments. We are available to discuss with you on request a multiyear customized agreement including:

  • Multiyear contracts of Preventive Maintenance & Calibration
  • Extended Warranties
  • Additional customized services

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