Hardened Concrete Testing

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This section includes items for the preparation and curing of con¬crete specimens (concrete cubes, cylinders, prisms) in accordance with good practice and International Standards. You will also find other equipment for determining water absorption, shrinkage and creep behavior.

Universal Core Drilling Machine

This robust versatile machine is ideal for field where it is necessary to core at any angle.

Portable Core Drilling Machine

The machine can be used at any angle within the horizontal position by the appropriate...

Concrete, Asphalt, Rock and Masony Saw

This universal saw, completed with the suitable accessory, can be used to cut concrete, asphalt...

Universal Concrete and Asphalt Saw, MULTISAW

Multisaw  is a universal sawing system for fast, accurate cutting of beams from prisms and...

Concrete/Rock Specimen Grinding Machine

Used to grind and polish concrete specimens, natural stones, ceramic materials, etc.

Specimen Grinding Machine

The machine is used to grind and polish rock and concrete specimens, natural stones, ceramic...

Beam Moulds

Steel and plastic beam moulds

Creep test

For correct evaluation of creep deformation under constant load.

Cube Moulds

The proposed models range from the traditional cast iron version conforming to EN 12390-1 standards

Cylinder Capping Equipment

When testing concrete cylinder specimens it is essential that the two ends are perfectly flat.

Cylinder Moulds

Steel models can be supplied, on request, complete with certificate of compliance.

Determination of Restrained Expansion of Mortar and Concrete. Three Gang Moulds

Used for determining the restrained expansion of a concrete or mortar containing expansive agent.

Hydraulic Shrinkage Mould with Measurement Apparatus

This method is suitable for the determination of hydraulic axial shrinkage on concrete...

Poker Vibrators

Ideal for the internal compaction of concrete specimens both in laboratory and in site.

Programmable Accelerated Curing Tanks

This test method covers procedures for curing concrete specimens under conditions...

Specific Gravity Frame and Baskets

Specific gravity determination of hardened concrete and aggregates.

Unbonded Capping Pads

This method is used as alternative to the sulphur hot capping of concrete cylinder specimens.

Verification Instruments for Moulds and Specimens

These instrumentation is used for the assessment of Flatness, Perpendicularity and Strightness