Fresh Concrete Testing

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Portable slump cone test kit 54-C0149/B, 54-C0150/C

This section includes items for the sampling and mixing of fresh concrete as well as wide range of testing equipment for determining fresh concrete workability, consistency, air content, bleeding, density and setting time. In addition, you will find the main testing equipment for testing SCC Self Compacting Concrete according to EN Standards and niche test methods such as gyratory compaction for no-slump concrete and heat of hydration determination in adiabatic conditions.

Slump Cone Test Sets

The slump cone, also known as Abrams cone, is used to measure workability of fresh concrete

Vebè Consistometer

This test method is used to measure the consistency of stiff to extremely dry concrete.

Concrete Flow Table

The apparatus consists of a double wooden table measuring 700x700 mm hinged at one side.

Concrete mixers

Pan type models have been selected  for laboratory use, to prepare concrete specimens and sampl

Adiabatic concrete calorimeter

When concrete is curing and hardening, the hydration reaction of cement develops a large amount o

Air entrainment meters

For the determination of air content of compacted fresh concrete

Bleeding of concrete

This test method is used to determine the relative quantity of mixing water that will bleed from

Compacting Factor Apparatus

The apparatus consists of two conical hoppers having a hinged trap door attached to the lower...

Concrete mortar penetrometers

To evaluate the initial set of concrete

Concrete Workabilimeter

Used to verify the homogeneity of concrete in relation to its workability or plasticity.

Gyratory Compactors for Cement and Concrete - GALILEO

The method is used for: mix design simulating selected production processes specimen...

J-Ring Apparatus

The apparatus consists of a stainless steel crown with 16 bars 18 mm diameter.

K-Slump Tester

This device is used to determine the workability and degree of compaction of fresh concrete

Kelly Ball

This method is used to determine the penetration of a hemispherical metal weight into fresh concrete

L-Box Apparatus

The apparatus consists of a L shaped stainless steel frame, supplied complete with filling hopper.

SCC Slump Cone

The test is performed for determining the slump flow and t500 time for self-compacting concrete.

Sieve Segregation Test Set

Used for determining the sieve segregation resistance of self-compacting concrete.

Unit weight measures

Used to determine the density of fresh concrete