Building Lime, Grout and Mud Testing

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This section includes some of the testing equipment required by EN Standards for testing grout for prestressing tendons, repairing grouts and grouts for tiles.

Building Lime is created by adding water to quicklime (a process known as slaking), which is produced by burning limestone, marble, chalk or shell at above 800ºC. Building limes have been used as binders in mortars for thousands of years, nowadays they are used for mortar plasters and renders as they are porous and vapour permeable, preventing mold growth and trapped moisture.

Drilling fluid and cement slurry are commonly used in oil and gas drilling operations. Tests can be performed in the field and/or laboratory to evaluate the properties and characteristics of the fluid such as filtration behaviour, viscosity, density.

Fluidity Test of Grouts for Pre-Stressing Tendons: Grout Spread Method

Mould for grout spread test consiting of a stiff plastic mould, 39 mm internal diameter,

Flow Cone Apparatus

Used for determining the flow properties of mortars, grouts, muds and other fluid material

Flow Test Apparatus for Grouts

Used for determining the workability (or consistence) of repair grouts and mortars.

Le Chatelier Moulds

Used for determining the expansion of cement. The mould consists of a spring tensioned..

Air Content Meters

These apparatus have been designed to determine the bair content in cement  mortar, cement past

Bulk Density Apparatus

Used for determining the bulk density of lime by the fall of the sample from a standard height into

Filter Press for Muds

This apparatus is the most effective means of determining the filtration properties of ...

Flow Tables for Mortar and Building Lime

Used to determine the consistency of mortars and building lime.

Kleine Apparatus

Used for the determination of the carbon dioxide in lime.

Marsh Funnel Viscometer

Marsh funnel is used for routine viscosity determinations on almost every drilling rig. Made of rugg

Mould for Crack Bridging

Mould for crack bridging test to EN 14891

Mud Balance

The mud balance provides a simple method for the accurate determination of mud density. The durable

Pat Test, Brass Ring Mould

Used for the determination of the soundness of hydrated lime and gypsum plasters.

Plunger Penetration Apparatus

Used for determining the consistency of masonry cement and building limes.

Reactivity Test Apparatus

Ground quicklime shall be tested for their reactivity with this apparatus which consists essentia

Sand Content of Drilling Muds

A complete sieve analysis apparatus for determining the sand content of drilling muds.

Steam Cabinet for Building Lime Soundness

For use with \#le-chatelier-moulds\# for the determination of the soundness of building lime which i

UNIFRAME-MINI Automatic Testing Machine for Transverse Deformation of Tile Adhesives and Grouts

Designed for transverse deformation testing of tile adhesives and grouts