External load cells

Descripción general
Used to measure the axial force applied to the specimen in the triaxial cells. Complete with connector to the upper beam of our Triaxial load frames.
  • Nominal sensitivity: 2mV/V
  • Accuracy: better than 0.2%
  • Dimensions (cell only):
    dia. 57x80 mm (3.5 and 10 kN models)
    dia. 82x110 mm (50 and 100 kN models)
  • Weights approx.:
    2 kg (3.5 and 10 kN models)
    5 kg (50 and 100 kN models)
Note: All models can be supplied, on request, complete with traceable calibration certificate. They are identified by the suffix C after the code number. Ex. 28-WF0370/TC.

Información para pedidos

Strain gauge load cell, 3.5 kN capacity

Strain gauge load cell, 10 kN capacity

Strain gauge load cell, 25 kN capacity

Strain gauge load cell, 50 kN capacity

Strain gauge load cell, 100 kN capacity