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New and improved Bender Elements System by Wykeham Farrance

Wykeham Farrance, the soil mechanics division of CONTROLS Group is pleased to launch a new and improved Bender Elements System that will increase the testing capabilities of research and commercial laboratories.

Compact, all-in-one and easy-to-install turn-key system makes testing easy and reliable, the Bender Elements connect directly to the compact and smart unit comprising a signal generator and oscilloscope. Advanced user-friendly software then automates the analysis using a range of algorithms.

  • High Performance – Determine S & P wave velocities so more specimen parameters can be determined.
  • Robust Design – Optimized bender element length avoids compromising the power transmitted or received by the elements, prolongs life and improves resistance to breakage.
  • Automated tests deliver objective estimates of wave travel time using a range of algorithms. This flexibility helps with the interpretation of waves travel as there are currently no official standards available.
  • Versatile – Add to an existing triaxial-cell, an option to a new triaxial-cell or use stand alone.