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Soil lathe, trimmer, extruder

This apparatus is used to prepare any size of cylindrical soil sample:
- Specimen lathe function: from dia. 35x70 mm to dia. 110x220 mm
- Specimen trimming and extruding function: from dia. 35x70 mm to dia. 50x100 mm-

The apparatus which can be used either as a trimmer or as a sampler consists of:
  1. A rotating round base with reference guide where the specimen is placed;
  2. A vertical threaded rod actuated by a wheel knob, whose purpose is to regulate the vertical height of the specimen and to maintain it in position during trimming operations;
  3. Two vertical lateral rod which are used as reference guides far the trimming saw;
  4. An adjustable rod fitted to graduate slide which is used to check and set the diameter of soil sample
  5. Adapter for grubbing the sample (100, 70mm) during lathing
  6. Adapter for grubbing the sample (50, 38, 35mm) during lathing
  7. Adapter for trimming (35-38 mm) and extruding (50mm) the sample
  8. Adapter for trimming (50 mm)

To reduce samples an open wire saw is required. See accessories, model 16-D1689.
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Caratteristiche tecniche

  • Specimen lathe function: from dia.35x70 mm to dia. 100x200 mm
  • Specimen trimming and extruding function: from dia. 35x70 mm to dia. 50x100 mm
  • Adjustable vertical daylight: up to 240 mm
  • Horizontal daylight: 155 mm 
  • Overall dimensions: 220x300x450 mm
  • Weight approx.: 15 kg

Informazioni per l'ordinazione

Soil lathe/trimmer and extruder 


Open wire saw

Wire saw

Trimming knife


Code Type Shape Sample size
26-WF0320/3 cutter ring  50.47 x 20 
26-WF0321/3 cutter ring  63.5 x 20 
26-WF0325/3 cutter ring  71.40 x 20 
26-WF0326/3 cutter ring  75 x 20 
* these cuttig ring are alrady included in each consolidation cell. 


Code type shape sample size,mm
27-WF0215/B7 cutter square 60x60 x 20 (lxl x h)
27-WF0215/8 extrusion dolly square 60x60x 20
27-WF0217/B7 cutter ring 50 x 20 ( diam. x h)
27-WF0217/8 extrusion dolly ring 50 x 20 
27-WF0218/B7 cutter ring 60 x 20
27-WF0218/8 extrusion dolly ring 60 x 20
27-WF0219/B7 cutter ring 63.5 x 20
27-WF0219/8 extrusion dolly ring 63.5 x 20


Code Type Shape Sample size,mm
28-WF0420/9 cutter & extrusion dolly & receiver cylinder 35 x 70 (dia. x h)
28-WF4031/G cutter & extrusion dolly & receiver cylinder 38 x 76 (dia. x h)
28-WF4051/G cutter & extrusion dolly & receiver cylinder 50 x 100 (dia. x h)