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Proctor moulds and rammers, NF

Terre - Proctor compaction: Proctor moulds and rammers, NF

Used for determining the relationship between the moisture content and density of compacted soil. The mould includes collar, mould body and base plate. The rammer construction includes a guide sleeve with vent holes. Different versions are available that conform to the various commonly used standards....
CBR equipment, NF version

Terre - CBR apparatus: CBR equipment, NF version

This method is used for the laboratory evaluation of subgrade and subbase coarse materials in road construction. To perform this type of test, we propose moulds with various accessories listed in the table below and manual compaction rammers. Different models are available conforming to the various...
Universal Proctor/CBR automatic compactors

Terre - Automatic Proctor-CBR compactors: Universal Proctor/CBR automatic compactors

The automatic compactor provides a fully automatic and uniform compaction of specified effort, thus ensuring repeatable test results and eliminating any operator fatigue during the tests. Conforming to all the above and other major International Standards, designed for moulds 100 to 102 and 150 to 152.4...
Soil Cutter

Terre - Sample preparation : Soil Cutter

Ideal for breaking up lumps of clay to prepare soil specimens for compaction. Entirely made of 304 stainless steel.   Horizontal shaft and revolving bowl with high cutting speeds (two speeds for bowl and knives), to make very thin grindings.