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Automatic Computerized Oedometer ACE EmS

Meccanica delle terre - Consolidation apparatus: Automatic Computerized Oedometer ACE EmS

The ACE EmS is a versatile and fully automatic Oedometer soil consolidation testing machine that comes loaded with the new environmentally friendly Electromechanical Servoactuation (EmS) technology. Silent, compact and highly performing, the ACE EmS testing system can be run with our ingenious software...
Constant Head permeability apparatus

Terre - Permeability apparatus: Constant Head permeability apparatus

The soil permeability is a very important factor to study the behavior of soil in its natural condition with respect to water flow. The constant head method is particularly suitable for relatively coarse grained soil such as sands and gravel. For fine grained soils such as clay-like or silty soils see...
Oedometers, front loading

Meccanica delle terre - Consolidation apparatus: Oedometers, front loading

This test determines the rate and magnitude of consolidation of a soil specimen restrained laterally and subjected to a number of successive increments of vertical loads. The oedometer consists of a rigid aluminium alloy frame to avoid any distortion under load. The lever arm assembly is supported in...
Pinhole test apparatus

Terre - Permeability apparatus: Pinhole test apparatus

Certain fine-grained soils with high sodium content are highly erodible by the water flowing through them. During the test the flow of water under a high hydraulic gradient through a cavity in the soil is reproduced. The test apparatus consists of a cylindrical metal container fit one end with water inlet and...