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Poker vibrators

Calcestruzzo - Concrete compaction : Poker vibrators

Ideal for the internal compaction of concrete specimens both in laboratory and in site, and a good alternative to the traditional tamping bar especially when there are large number of specimen to be compacted. Three versions available: mains operated  petrol...
Curing tanks

Calcestruzzo - Curing tanks: Curing tanks

Zinc plated steel model 55-C0191 Specimen curing tank, 1000 l cap. galvanized steel, complete with metal base specimen supporting grid. It can be fit with various accessories including: immersion analogic and digital heating systems (55-C0191/10, 55-C0191/11) submersible circulator pump to...
Cylinder capping equipment

Calcestruzzo - Cylinder capping equipment: Cylinder capping equipment

Introduction When testing concrete cylinder specimens it is essential that the two ends are perfectly flat. This range of equipment allows the ends of the various sizes of concrete cylinders or cores to be capped using the sulphur capping compound. Cylinder cappers Used to assure plane end surfaces...