Soil extruder,hand operated

ASTM D1883 | ASTM D698 | BS 598:107 | BS 1377:4 | BS 1924:2 | ASTM D1587
Descrizione generale
This hydraulic extruder can accommodate standard U4 tubes and a range of adaptors to extrude soil samples 35, 38, 101.6, 106 and 152.4mm dia. It can also be used to remove Marshall, Proctor and CBR specimens. Appropriate accessories and adaptors are available and have to be ordered separately. See accessories.
  • Max load cap.: 60 kN (6000 kgf)
  • Ram travel: 480 mm
  • Dimensions: 1140x300x370 mm
  • Weight approx. (without accessories): 50 kg

Informazioni per l'ordinazione

Soil extruder, hand operated, 60 kN cap.


Adaptor for extruding soil samples 35, 38, 101.6, 106 and 152.4 mm dia. Total length 280 mm approx.

Adaptor for extruding 38 mm dia. sample only.

Frame and adaptor for extruding three 38 mm dia. tubes from a U4 tube.

Adaptor for extruding 106 mm dia. sample from U4 tube.

Extension for extruding up to 450 mm long samples