Proctor moulds and rammers, BS

BS 1377:4 | BS 1924:2
Descrizione generale
Used for determining the relationship between the moisture content and density of compacted soil. The mould includes collar, mould body and base plate. The rammer construction includes a guide sleeve with vent holes.
Different versions are available that conform to the various commonly used standards. They are all made of plated steel and are identical in shape, only differing slightly in diameter and capacity.
In this section mould and rammers conforming to BS are shown.

For the extrusion of soil specimens from the mould, the Universal specimen extruder may be used, see Link to other products below.

An alternative (and preferable) method of compacting is to use an automatic compactor. For more information, see Link to other products below.

Caratteristiche tecniche

Model 33- Standard Cap. cm³ Dia. int. mm Body height
Weight approx. kg
T0070/BS BS 1000 105 115.5 7

Model Standard Rammer dia. mm Free fall height mm Rammer weight kg
T0075/B BS 50 300 2.5
T0076/B BS 50 450 4.5

Informazioni per l'ordinazione


BS Proctor mould dia. 105 mm

BS Standard compaction rammer  50 mm dia., 2.5 kg weight
BS modified rammer, 50 mm dia., 4.5 kg weight