Compaction permeameters

Descrizione generale
This apparatus is used to control the water supply in the constant or falling head permeability tests on compacted soils. The permeameters comprise valve, water inlet or outlet, mould and collar, filter baseplate.
The stand consists of an aluminium panel complete with Perspex tubes and graduated rules for falling head permeability tests and water tank adjustable in height for constant head permeability tests. Including plastic tubing and valves.

Caratteristiche tecniche

Permeameter cells 38-T180, 38-T181
  • 38-T0180 int. diameter 4” (101.6 mm), weight approx.: 8 kg
  • 38-T0181 int. diameter 6” (152.4 mm), weight approx.: 16 kg
Stand 38-T0179/B
  • Max adjustable height of constant head tank: 3850 mm
  • Cell capacity: No. 4
  • Panel overall dimensions: 1050x700x2000 mm
  • Weight approx.: 70 kg

Informazioni per l'ordinazione

Compaction permeameter 4” dia.

Compaction permeameter 6” dia.

Permeameter stand, 4 cell capacity. Wall mounting.