EN - Standard Automatic compression testers for cubes and cylinders WIZARD AUTO

EN 12390-4
Prestazioni principali
WIZARD AUTO is CONTROLS new standard automatic Quality Control machine for compression and flexural testing and includes many new features and enhancements to improve the user-friendliness, efficiency, operator comfort and energy savings.
QC testing performance has just taken a step change improvement with CONTROLS abandoning manual test control and now features automatic closed-loop PID control of loading-rate using VFD inverter-technology control of the high specification AC motor.
Wizard Auto automatically and accurately performs tests at the correct test speed, ensuring compliance to Standards and with no effect due to operator variables.
Mainly dedicated to routine failure tests (compression, flexure and indirect tensile), WIZARD AUTO is the perfect solution to ensure total certainty of testing accuracy and strict conformity to international Standards.In fact being an automatic system it allows:
  • Reduced opportunities for operator errors, improving accuracy of results and repeatability         
  • Easy-to-use: even for operators with limited expertise.
  • Conforming to Standards: the machine automatically performs the test at correct test speed. Conformance to Standards can be easily proven.
  • High performance: high speed pump closes the daylight above the specimen at the fasted speed allowing a very high throughput of tests.
  • Operator comfort due to the significant noise reduction.
  • Energy saving, with 50% reduction in energy consumption.

Descrizione generale
Main features include:
  • Two channels for load sensors
  • Wide graphic display 128 x 80 pixel
  • Graphic printer available as option
  • AC motor fitted with VFD INVERTER device: high efficiency, low consumption, silent operation
  • Dual stage pump for fast approach and automatic switch to high pressure for loading
  • Second frame optional facility

Four column high stiffness welded frame tested for stability to EN 12390-4.
Heavy duty spherical seat in lubricating oil bath, allowing initial free alignment at the initial contact with the specimen and automatic jamming up to the end of test.

Compression platens 
See table. Traceable certificate of surface hardness available on request.

Safety features
Includes: Max. pressure valve to avoid machine overloading; piston travel limit switch; emergency stop button; front door and rear transparent fragment guard.

Caratteristiche tecniche


  • Max pressure 700 bar
  • Power 750 W
  • Dual stage pump: low pressure/high delivery for fast piston approach and high pressure/low delivery for loading.
  • AC motor fitted with VFD inverter device featuring high efficiency, reduction of power consumption and silent operation.
  • Second frame optional facility using valve selector.
  • Two 16 bit analog channels for load sensors
  • Wide graphic display 128 x 80 pixel
  • Sampling rate 50 Hz
  • Internal memory
  • RS 232 port for data download (including load/time graph points) to PC in ASCII format
  • Integrated printer as optional. See accessories
  • Real time display of load and stress
  • Automatic application of the selected load rate
  • Execution of loading ramps with the possibility to manually increase or decrease the test speed during the test
  • Peak detection and saving
  • Language selection
  • Multi-coefficient linearization of the calibration curve for better accuracy at low loads
  • Multiple units: Lbf / Ton / kN. 


Models 50- C46W02
Capacity, kN 2000 3000
Platens dim. mm Dia. 300 Dia. 300
Platen surface hardness, HRC 53 53
Platens flatness toll, mm  0.03 0.03
Ram travel mm 50 50
Max. vertical daylight mm* 350 350
Horizontal daylight mm 350 370
For specimen size:
Cubes cm
Cylinders cm (dia.xh)
10, 15, 20
10x20, 15x30, 16x32
10, 15, 20
10x20, 15x30, 16x32
Overall dim. (lxdxh) mm 920x440x1030 1010x495x1100
Weight approx. kg 670 1030
*To be adjusted using the suitable distance pieces. See accessories

Informazioni per l'ordinazione

Wizard Auto Automatic Compact Line EN Compression tester, 2000 kN cap. For cubes up to 200 mm and cylinders up to 160 x 320 mm.
230 V, 50-60 Hz, 1ph

Same as above but 110 V, 60 Hz, 1 ph

Wizard Auto Automatic Compact Line EN Compression tester, 3000 kN cap. For cubes up to 200 mm and cylinders up to 160 x 320 mm.
230 V, 50-60 Hz, 1ph

Same as above but 110 V, 60 Hz, 1 ph



Distance pieces to adjust the vertical daylight 

Distance piece dia. 200x30 mm

Distance piece dia. 200x50 mm

Distance piece dia. 200x68 mm

Distance piece dia. 200x100 mm

Note: The above distance pieces are also available with threaded centering pin which are recommended for testing high strength/ explosive failures specimens. They are identified adding the suffix /P after the code number. In case of use of these distance pieces the compression machine/frame shall be upgraded with the following code:

Frame pedestals 
Frame pedestal for 2000 kN cap. testers 

Frame pedestal for 3000 kN cap. testers


Splitting tensile test devices 
Splitting tensile test device for cylinders up to dia. 160x320 mm (6.3”x12.6”).Conforming to EN 12390-6 and ASTM C496

Hardboard strips 4 x 14 x 345 mm for 50-C9000/C conf. to EN Standards. Pack of 50.

Hardboard strips 4 x 14 x 345 mm for 50-C9000/C conf. to ASTM Standards. Pack of 50.

Splitting tensile test device for concrete block pavers and concrete cubes. Conforms to EN 1338 and EN 12390-6.

Hardboard packing strips 4 x 15 x 345 mm, to EN 1338 and 12390-6.
Pack of 50.

Compression devices for cement and mortars
Compression device to test portions of 40x40x160 prisms broken in flexure to EN 196-1. High stiffness model.
Total height 225mm.

Compression device to test 50mm (2”) cubes to ASTM C109. High stiffness model.
Total height 225mm.

Flexural test device for concrete beams 
Flexural test device for concrete beams 100x100x400/500 and 150x150x600/750 mm, to EN 12390-5, ASTM C78, ASTM C293 and AASHTO T97

Informazioni aggiuntive

Verification of force transfer
The conformity of the compression tester to the EN 12390-4 requirements in terms of stability (force transfer) is performed by the verification of the self-alignment of machine components and the restraint on movement of the upper platen.
The compliance of all our EN testers to these stringent requirements is precisely verified using specific apparatus (82-E0105/1 and 82-P0804/E). An incorrect load application may cause premature sample failure and, consequently the resultant strength could be significantly lower than the true resistance.

Opzioni integrative

(To be specified at time of order: these items has to be factory installed.)

Serial printer for Wizard testers
Upgrade of a WIZARD AUTO system to incorporate a serial printer in the rear panel, allowing results to be printed at the end of test

Second frame connection
The WIZARD AUTO  System can be upgraded with a hydraulic valve for controlling (not simultaneously) a second frame.
Two-way valve to control a second frame. 

Special calibration procedure
Special calibration of compression testers assuring Class 1 (EN) and Class A (ASTM), from 1% to full load range.

Traceable certificate of surface hardness
Supply of the compression machine/frame complete with traceable certificate of hardness of 300 mm dia. platens surfaces

Fragment guard lock switch 
Fragment guard lock switch. To prevent test execution with the front door open.

Explosion proof test kit
To be used along with distance pieces with threaded centering pin. They are identified adding the suffix /P after the code number.

Upgrading of the 50-C46xxx and 50-C56xxx series compression frames with lower compression platen with threaded hole.