Bottle rolling machine

EN 12697-11
Descrizione generale
Used for the determination of the affinity between aggregate and bitumen, expressed by visual registration of the degree coverage on uncompacted bitumen-coated mineral aggregate particles after influence of mechanical aggregate particles after influence of mechanical stirring action in the presence of water.

Caratteristiche tecniche

  • Capacity: three bottles 75-B0011/A1
  • Rotating speed: adjustable up to 80 r.p.m.

Informazioni per l'ordinazione

Bottle rolling machine. 230 V, 50 Hz, 1 ph


Test bottle, Pyrex glass, 81 mm dia, 175 mm high, 
30 mm neck dia. with screw cap. Capacity 500 ml.  

Glass rod 6 mm dia., one end fit with 30 mm long rubber tube