Rassegna stampa - Soil and rocks

Press 2017

  • ELETROMECHANICAL AD HOC Controls Group have recently introduced innovative Electromechanical Servo-actuation Technology... Maggiori informazioni
  • VISITING THE RECENTLY COMPLETED AND INAUGURATED SOIL MECHANICS LABORATORY AT RIJEKA UNIVERSITY IN CROATIA - GeoResources Journal 1/2017 The laboratories on testing materials at Rijeka University devoted substantially to education and... Maggiori informazioni
  • ABOUT THE SOIL MECHANICAL LABORATORY AT RIJEKA UNIVERSITY IN CROATIA - Georesources 1/2017 The Autotriax automatic system for triaxial tests in use of the laboratory, beyond the traditional... Maggiori informazioni

Press 2016

  • LA CARATTERIZZAZIONE DINAMICA DEL SOTTOSUOLO - PF - Luglio/Settembre 2016 Un seminario sulle indagini sperimentali per la caratterizzazione dinamica del sottosuolo è... Maggiori informazioni
  • LABORATORIO MODERNO DI MECCANICA DELLE TERRE ALL'UNIVERSITA' DI RIJEKA - Strade & Autostrade - Aprile 2016 L'incontro con il Prof. Ing. Vedran Jagodnik, della facoltà di Ingegneria... Maggiori informazioni
  • DYNAMIC CHARACTERIZATION OF FOUNDATION SOIL IN THE ENNA AREA - Francesco Castelli, Valentina Lentini, Pier Luigi Raviolo - November 201 The paper reports the results of the static and dynamic characterization of an area within the... Maggiori informazioni

Press 2014

  • DEVELOPMENT OF AUTOMATIC CONTROL OF MULTI-STAGE TRIAXIAL TESTS AT THE UNIVERSITY OF MISKOLC-Published on Geosciences and Engineering, Vol. 2, No. 3 (2013), pp. 37–43- During rock mechanical examinations (either in case of the measurements of slope stability or... Maggiori informazioni
  • RESONANT COLUMN. TO GET THE REAL PICTURE-Published in Construction Machinery World-2014 Recent events in Italy have once again broughtr to the public attention the geological nature of our... Maggiori informazioni

Press 2013

  • SHEAR MODULUS REDUCTION CURVES OF GUAYURIBA SANDS BY CYCLIC TRIAXIAL AND BENDER ELEMENT TESTS - Lecture 2013 A laboratory experimental programme based on cyclic triaxial and bender elements tests was performed... Maggiori informazioni

Press 2012

  • SOIL TESTING IN THE RC/TS APPARATUS. PART 1. - Inzynieria Morska i Geotechnika - April 2012 Dynamic tests of material characteristics such as stress-strain has long been a very important part... Maggiori informazioni
  • SPECIALIST SOIL SUPPORT - Geodrilling International - Nov 2012 Correct evaluation of the geotechnical characteristics of a specific subsoil also requires ... Maggiori informazioni

Press 2011

Press 2010

  • SISTEMA DI CARATTERIZZAZIONE PROVINI DI TERRA MEDIANTE PROVE DINAMICHE E CICLICHE - NIDays 2010 LA SOLUZIONE: Un sistema a tre anelli chiusi (PID) basato su architettura real-time che controlli... Maggiori informazioni