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  • Asphalt & Bitumen Pivot

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  • PAVELAB 50 PaveAnalyzer: The automated asphalt extraction is an innovative, efficient, quick and safe solvent-based... Maggiori informazioni
  • White Paper on the Impact of Labor Error on the Operation of the Automated Extraction Machine (PaveAnalyzer) to Extract Asphalt Binder from Asphalt Mixtures (Preliminary Results) Khaled Hasiba, x Maggiori informazioni
  • Paving the way x Maggiori informazioni
  • IPC Global an Associated Member of AAPA 2018-2019 IPC Global | CONTROLS Group is proud to be an Associated Member of... Maggiori informazioni

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  • High-tech meets low prices? What do you get when you cross Australian research-level technology with Italian production... Maggiori informazioni
  • Testeo de materials: un mercado creciente - Carreteras-PA - 2017 Para los fabricantes de equipos de prueba de materials, el cambio constante es algo natural.... Maggiori informazioni
  • IPC Global i Controls Grupa zajedno stvaraju novu "Advanced Pavements Systems" diviziju Controls Group već dugi niz godina je prisutna na hrvatskom tržištu. Ovog... Maggiori informazioni

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  • Performance tests on bitumen and bitumen mixes - Controls 2015 Test methods and the relative laboratory equipment currently exist, all complying with standards,... Maggiori informazioni

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  • NEW EQUIPMENT FOR MATERIALS TESTING - World Highways Nov-Dec. 2013 CONTROLS Group has unveiled four new testing machines: automatic roller compactors for creating... Maggiori informazioni
  • ITALIAN TESTING SPECIALIST CONTROLS IS EXPANDS ITS BUSINESS-Publishe in World Highways-March 2014 Italian firm Controls is expanding its operations with acquisition of Australian IPC Global. Maggiori informazioni
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  • ADAPT AND SURVIVE - World Highways - March 2013 Pasquale Di Iorio has been at the helm of construction testing equipment manufacturer CONTROLS Group... Maggiori informazioni

Press 2012

  • CONSTRUCTION AND BUILDING MATERIALS by F.G.Praticò, R.Vaiana - Elsevier - 2012 The main purpose of this study was to analyze the volumetric and surface characteristics of hot mix... Maggiori informazioni

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  • Gyratory compactor - A case of study. Two years testing The use of gyratory compactor to design and control bituminous mixes is becoming more and more... Maggiori informazioni
  • LE PROVE PRESTAZIONALI SUI BITUMI E SUI CONGLOMERATI BITUMINOSI - Strade & Autostrade, Febbraio 2011 Nel presente articolo gli Autori vogliono mettere in risalto come oggi sia possibile avere un... Maggiori informazioni

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  • SERBIA LOOKS TO QUALITY - World Highways - May 2008 Serbia aims to improve the quality control and quality assurance of roadworks carried out in the... Maggiori informazioni