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A legacy of excellence

Fifty years of compression testing from Milan to Chicago and beyond

Pavarotti, Armani, Michelangelo—many would agree that some of the most high-quality, influential, and historically significant things in this world originated in Italy.

But that Italian taste for excellence is not reserved for only food and art.

In 1968, Umberto Granelli recognized an untapped market in Italy and decided to establish CONTROLS Group in Milan. He created the country’s first compression machine and by 1972 had also built a growing company and a stellar reputation.
By the mid-70s, exports were accounting for 50 percent of our business and machines were now approved by Italian, American, French, and English standards. CONTROLS Group soon established companies in the UK, France, Spain, Mexico, and Poland, and by the 90s we had a new vision: to become a global leader in the testing equipment industry.
Today, CONTROLS Group offers those decades of global experience along with our full line of testing equipment in South America, Canada, Europe, Africa, Asia, and the United States.

Based 30 miles west of Chicago, we are perfectly located for nationwide service.

CONTROLS Group USA delivers the highest quality equipment to clients in the construction and civil engineering fields, as well as researchers and universities.
Not only do we provide top-notch equipment and expertise to answer technical questions, but our commitment to safety is also a notch above the rest. By working directly with many calibration companies, we’re able to provide hands-on training on sensor checks and readings for all our machines—including our new Wizard Auto.

Calibration is key

In May of this year, we were pleased to welcome calibration partners to our facility near Chicago for a full week of training, and we were pleased to visit others at their locations across the country. We know that whether Cal-Cert, Qal-Tek, Universal Calibrations, or CalserW is conducting their calibration checks, all our customers can be confident that their CONTROLS Group machines are safe and running smoothly.

The Wizard Auto is fully automated and ideal for routine failure tests and simple compression strength tests.

It doesn’t require monitoring or manual loading, it’s remarkably quiet, and it’s easy to use and calibrate. Ithas been labeled Accuracy Class A (ASTM) and boasts an ASTM spherical seat that is fully compliant to ASTM C39 for testing 4" x 8" and 6" x 12" cylinders. It is the perfect solution to ensure total accuracy and conformity to international standards.
As with all of our automated machines, the Wizard Auto has the power to improve efficiency and increase your bottom line. It tests at 35 psi/second every test and delivers all the benefits of an automatic machine for only $9,000 through CONTROLS Group USA.

A Name Heard ’Round the World

CONTROLS Group is a global leader in the materials testing industry, annually supplying over 500 machines to customers across the world. We’re grounded in our rich heritage of excellence, and after 50 years of testing, we’re pleased to still be supplying the highest number of automated products on the market.

We’re proud to partner with our customers to build the strong, safe, and superior infrastructure that this country stands on.

Read more about our history here and technical specs about the Wizard Auto here. Call CONTROLS Group USA at 847-551-5775 for a quote today.