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WEBCARE Remote Assistance Services

WEBCARE, a step change in customer care and technical support, gives you easy access to expert assistance services wherever you are in the world.

Direct connection system support
The new systems benefit from enhanced remote assistance and support. Our product and engineering specialists can directly inspect and work on your testing system to help you with configurations and system tuning in order to provide more rapid diagnostics ensuring you experience the minimum down-time.

Always up-to-date
You can always be up-to-date with the latest firmware releases and functions.
Have access to newly released test applications complying with the most recent international Standards.
Thanks to remote backup and storage of machine settings, your systems can be easily restored to archived settings without fuss.

Effortless upgrades through remote connectivity
In line with the growth and demands of your laboratory, CONTROLS new compression testing systems can grow with you. Easily add new firmware packages to your Automax Pro system to increase testing capabilities. To make it even easier, our specialist engineers will perform the upgrades for you, online!

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