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Splitting tensile test devices

Béton - Accessories for Compression Testers: Splitting tensile test devices

Two column steel frame with self-centering base specimen holder and upper load beam suspended with springs for easy adjustment of the specimen. The devices can be easily placed on lower platen of the compression tester using suitable distance pieces to adjust the vertical daylight. The device have to be...
Böhme abrasion wheel tester

Granulats - Abrasion testing machines: Böhme abrasion wheel tester

The disc abrader conforming to Böhme method consists of a rotating wheel made of cast iron, 750 mm dia., with a defined test track to receive the abrasive material (white corundum sand) and a no-vibration specimen holder with a two arms lever loading device. The test speciment is clamped with an...

Béton - Accessories for Compression Testers: Data manager PC software

The 82-SW/DM is new intuive and smart DATAMANAGER software, very easy to use, complete with many functions, totally flexible and open to network communicatios. It's compatible with PILOT and AUTOMAX PCS and included in more sophisticated systems as AUTOMAX Multitest console. It allows real time...
Abrasion testing machine

Granulats - Abrasion testing machines: Abrasion testing machine

This machine has been developed for determining the resistance to abrasion/wear of natural stones and concrete products. Easy to use, electronic control of the disc speed with auto shut-off of the machine at the selected number of revolutions. The abrasion disk wheel is 70 mm thick. Supplied complete with 5...
Skid resistance and friction tester

Granulats - Skid resistance and friction tester: Skid resistance and friction tester

Used for the measurement of surface friction properties, the apparatus is suitable for both side and laboratory applications and for Polished Stone Value (PSV) using curved specimens from accelerated polishing test with the Acelereted Polishing machine (see link to other product below) conforming to...