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Résultats pour: 'BS 812:2'
Specific gravity frame and baskets

Béton - Specific gravity frame and baskets: Specific gravity frame and baskets

Used with a suitable electronic balance for specific gravity determination of fresh and hardened concrete and aggregates. A purpose built robust frame designed to support the electronic balance. The lower part of the frame incorporates a moving platform, which carries the water container allowing the test...
Volumeter for coarse aggregates

Granulats - Volumeter for coarse aggregates: Volumeter for coarse aggregates

Used to determine the density of coarse aggregate. The apparatus consists of a cylindrical metal container 163 mm dia. and 370 mm high, fit with a siphon tube at 250 mm from the base. Weight approx.: 2.5 kg
Pyknometer with conical screw cap

Granulats - Pyknometer with conical screw cap: Pyknometer with conical screw cap

Glass jar supplied complete with non corrodible cone and rubber seal. Capacity 1 kg. Weight approx.: 500 g