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Résultats pour: 'BS 1881:121'
Compressometer-Extensometer for Elastic Modulus determination

Béton - Elastic modulus accessories: Compressometer-Extensometer for Elastic Modulus determination

Aluminium and steel structure incorporating a high precision inductive transducer. Three units are generally recommended for axial deformation measurement. They can be easily applied to the specimen by a pair of elastic bands supplied as standard.  It has to be connected to a suitable data logger or,...
Strain gauges

Béton - Elastic modulus accessories: Strain gauges

They provide a very accurate electrical signal, strictly proportional to the strain of the specimen submitted to load application, for determining the Elastic Modulus and strength characteristics as alternative to the Compressometer-Extensometers 55-C0222/G. They can be applied to the specimen surface by a...