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Résultats pour: 'ASTM E74'

Béton - Upgradings for Compression Testers: Special calibration procedures

These procedures can be applied to Concrete, Cement and Flexural testing machines fitted with WIZARD 2, DIGIMAX 3, PILOT and AUTOMAX systems and testing systems AUTOMAX E, MCC and ADVANTEST. The calibrations are obtained by selecting suitable load sensors and using the calibration facilities of the...
Load cells

Béton - Calibration of compression and flexural testers: Load cells

These high performance cells have been specially designed to meet the stringent requirement of EN ISO and ASTM standards, for calibration of compression testing machines. The cells have to be connected to a suitable Digital tester as, for example, our model 82-P0801/E Digimax Plus (see...
Digital instrumentation

Béton - Calibration of compression and flexural testers: Digital instrumentation

The system, connected to any strain gauge load cell, provides data for the force verification of the testing machine. Data can be printed by a standard serial printer as, for example, our model 82-P0172  with serial cable 82-P0172/1 (see accessories), or unloaded to PC for processing and, by the relevant...