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Microcore apparatus

UNI 10766
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Microcore method is a proven technique for the non destructive evaluation of concrete and masonry strength, taking 28 mm dia. cores and then adequately prepared for the compression test. The cores, due to the small size, does not affect the integrity of the structure thus permitting an easy restoration of the cored surface.
This technique can also be used  for assessing the carbonation depth (with the appropriate reagents) and for masonry products to verify their physical condition or to evaluate the compressive strength related to the direction of sampling.

The apparatus consists of the following parts:
  • Electric drill
  • Flanged guide assembly
  • Two clamping pliers to fit the flanged guide assembly to the surface
  • Diamond core bit 28 mm int. dia., 100 mm long
  • Diamond core bit 28 mm int.dia.. 200 mm long
  • Set of accessories comprising 20 anchors, washers and drill bit
  • Two carrying cases
To perform the test, if mains water is not available, a pressure water reservoir 10/15 l cap. should be provided as for example our model 83-D2020. See accessories.

Dimensions and weights:
  • 1st case 500x380x130 mm. 7.5 kg approx
  • 2nd case 390x300x90 mm. 3.8 kg approx

Important note
Core preparation and compression
The flatness of core ends is essential to obtain reliable compression results so it is very important to make sure that the tolerance is within 0.01 mm. See link to other products below.
Furthermore the compression test should be performed with a suitable compression machine considering that the max. required load should be lower than 50 kN. Cement compression testers or small universal testers may be conveniently used.

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Ordering info

MICROCORE, complete set for microcore test with mechanical parts and electric drill. 230 V, 50 Hz, 1 ph
MICROCORE, set for microcore test with mechanical parts only. Same as 58-C0299 without electric drill.


Pressure water reservoir, 15 l cap.

Diamond core bit 28 mm ins. dia. 100 mm long

Diamond core bit 28 mm ins. dia. 200 mm long