Controls Group Link-LAB Laboratory connectivity package Link-LAB Laboratory connectivity package
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Link-LAB Laboratory connectivity package

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The innovative new approach from CONTROLS now allows PILOT Pro, AUTOMAX PRO and AUTOMAX Multitest to be a fully integrated and “connected” part of your laboratory infrastructure with the ability to seamlessly take inputs from any number of ancillary measuring systems and devices to further increase efficiency and eliminate transposing errors. Compatible direct-input devices include dimensional measuring stations, calipers, weighing systems, ID barcode readers and video cameras (Enterprise version only).
The new K-LAB laboratory peripheral devices integration package is available in two versions:
  • LinK-LAB Local available for systems that operate stand-alone using the controller only without a PC.
  • LinK-LAB Enterprise is available for new and existing systems controlled by PC via Datamanager Software.

Both versions allow direct acquisition, according to the device/s connected, of sample weight, dimensions, identification number and test execution video recording (Enterprise version only).
These data, along with all the relevant test results, are collected and available for:
  • Direct use in several formats such as txt, excel, pdf, access (Enterprise version) or txt (Local version)
  • Raw data export to the Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS) or laboratory/ corporate ERP system
  • Full data integration with Prolab.Q Laboratory Information Management System or similar
Call us to discuss your needs and a consultation with our integrations team.

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LinK-LAB Local connectivity package for AUTOMAX Pro testers
LinK-LAB Enterprise connectivity package for machines controlled by PC via Datamanager Software.

24000 g cap. x 0.1g resolution, digital balance.

Digital caliper 200 x 0,01 mm   

Barcode reader