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Gyratory compactors for cement and concrete

  • Ideal for mix design of No slump concrete
  • Conforming to NT Build 427 (Scandinavian NORDTEST method)

This method, very popular in Scandinavia, is used for mix design and quality control mainly in concrete products plants, where low workable and zero slump concrete is used (for such products as hollow-core slabs, tubes and paving blocks).
The method is used for: mix design simulating selected production processes specimen preparation for strength test (fresh and cured) research of mix related phenomena (workability, curing time, admixtures etc.).

The compaction of the specimen is achieved by the simultaneous action of a low static compression , and of the shearing action resulting of the motion of the centerline of the test piece, which generates a conical surface of revolution, while the end of the test piece remain approximately perpendicular to the axis of the conical surface.

The machine is pneumatically operated.

The machines are supplied complete with one 100 mm dia. mould, accessories to perform the test and WIN-ICT software for the machine control, data acquisition and compaction curve processing  and Excel Macro for gyratory compaction test complete of data processing: PC not included.
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Technical specifications

Models 54-C0252/C
Specimen size, mm 100 dia. x 90-130 high
Gyratory angle
(calibrated by 40 mrad)
2° 17” fixed
Number of cycles Adjustable 2 to 512
Rotation speed Adjustable 30 to 120
Vertical pressure (kPa) Adjustable 60 to 320
Working air pressure 8 bar
Recommended air supply 10 bar with 5µm filter
Vertical pressure gauge Range 0-10 bar
Shear force measurement No
Dimensions mm approx. 350x480x930
Weight approx. 55 kg

Ordering info

Gyratory compactor for cement and concrete. Standard version. 230 V, 50-60 Hz, 1 ph.



Low noise air compressor 230 V, 50 Hz, 1 ph.

Spare parts

100 mm dia. mould for concrete gyratory compactors