Controls Group Displacement transducer for measurement of crack opening Displacement transducer for measurement of crack opening
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Displacement transducer for measurement of crack opening

EN 14651
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This transducer is used for determining the Crack Mouth Opening Displacement (CMOD) conforming to EN 14651. The transducer have to be positioned over the notch sawn previously into the test beam.
This test has to be performed with a suitable flexural frame having proper stiffness and capacity as, for instance, our models 50-C1511/FR or 50-C17xx/FR, and a control console capable of applying load in displacement control as our model AdvantestMCC or Automax Multitest.

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Technical specifications

  • Measuring capacity: 5 (3 to 8) mm
  • Rated output: 2.5 mV/V (5000x10-6 strain
  • Sensitivity: 1000x10-6 strain/mm
  • Non linearity: 1%RO
  • Temperature range: 0 to 40°C
  • Input/output resistance: 350 ohm
  • Recommended exiting voltage: less than 2 V
  • Allowable exciting voltage: 10 V
  • Input/output cable: 3 mmdia., 0.09 mm2, 4 core cable, 2 m

Ordering info

High precision displacement transducer to measure Crack Tip Opening Displacement (CTOD) and Crack Mouth Opening Displacement (CMOD)


82-P0331/E1 Fixing Jigs 20 pcs for P0331/E transducer


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