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Chloride field test set

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This test set, which correlates to ASTM C114 and AASHTO T260, is used for the determination of the chloride ion concentration in concrete to enable the identification of the risk of chloride induced reinforcement bar corrosion. The method involves an acid extraction of a representative drilled sample of concrete, which is then tested using an ion selective electrode and the potential compared with a calibration drawn up from a series of five known standard solution supplied with the test kit.
The test set includes:
  • Electronic meter battery powered with microprocessor for direct
    conversion to percentage of chloride
  • Chloride combination electrode with externally mounted temperatyure
    sensor, cable and connectors
  • Bottle of electrode wetting agent
  • Replacement pack of 12 jars each with 20 ml of extraction liquid and 5 jars of coloured calibration liquid
  • Carrying case and instruction manual
Weight approx.: 5 kg
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Chloride field test set


Pack of 12 jars of 20 ml extraction liquid and 5 jars of colored calibration liquid.