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Air entrainment meters

EN 12350-7 | ASTM C231 | AASHTO T152
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The EN and ASTM standards describe two methods for the determination of air content of compacted fresh concrete: Water column type (eg. Our model 54-C0170/L) and Pressure gauge type (eg. our models 54-C0170/F 7 liters cap. and 54-C0170/D 8 liters cap). The air content  is a very important parameter for the behavior of concrete to weathering and to verify the air content variation due to the use of chemical additives to increase the workability of concrete. All models utilize the principle of Boyle’s law.

54-C0170/L Water column type, 5 l cap.
The water column type consists essentially of a stainless steel flanged cylindrical vessel with cover assembly, incorporating the measuring cylinder, pressure gauge and valves. Supplied complete with hand pump and calibration cylinder apparatus which is essential for adjustment to site barometric pressure.
The cylindrical vessel of all models can also be used as unit weight measure for fresh concrete for density determination.

54-C0170/F Pressure gauge type, 7 l cap
54-C0170/D Pressure gauge type, 8 l cap

The gauge meter models consists essentially of a flanged cylindrical vessel , complete with cover assembly incorporating a pressure gauge, air pump and valves. They feature:

  • Faster testing: fewer pump strokes
  • Quick action clamping system
  • Lightweight, durable and compact
  • Not affected by changes in barometric pressure
  • Direct pressure gauge readings
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Technical specifications

Models 54- C0170/L C0170/F C0170/D
Capacity l 5 7 8
Air content range 0-10% 0-15% 0-10%
Graduations 0.1% 0.1% up to 6%
and 0.2% from
6 to 8% and 0.5%
from 8 to 15%
0.1% up to 8%
and 0.5% over
Weight approx., kg 14 10 12

Ordering info

Air entrainment meter, pressure gauge type, 8 l cap.

Air entrainment meter, pressure gauge type, 7 l cap.

Air entrainment meter, water column type, 5 l cap., complete with calibration cylinder apparatus.


Filling ring for 54-C0170/D