IMACS2 — IPC Global | CONTROLS Group

The 3rd generation IMACS2 Integrated Multi-Axis Control & Data Acquisition System builds on 30 years’ experience as leading manufacturer and trusted partner of advanced dynamic testing systems for asphalts and other pavement materials.

CONTROLS Group precision control symphony — CONTROLS Group

Only the highest level of experience plus precision and control can create a perfect symphony.

Understanding SuperPave type performance-based testing — IPC Global | CONTROLS Group

Highway pavements are essential for the safe, comfortable and rapid transportation of people & goods. Today, the increase of heavy vehicle traffic, loads and the evolution of asphalt (bitumen) mixtures have resulted in significant changes to asphalt mixture and pavement performance. IPC Global is launching a new Education Series about SuperPave or Performance-based testing, that was developed to understand and predict how mixes will perform within a pavement structure under an infinite combination of environmental and traffic conditions.

Entendiendo los tipos de ensayo SuperPave basados en el rendimiento — IPC Global | CONTROLS Group

Los pavimentos de las carreteras son esenciales para el transporte seguro, cómodo y rápido de personas y bienes. Hoy en día, el aumento del tráfico de vehículos pesados, las cargas y la evolución de las mezclas de asfalto (betún) han dado lugar a cambios significativos en la mezcla de asfalto y el rendimiento del pavimento. IPC Global está lanzando una nueva serie de educación sobre ensayo SuperPave basadas en el rendimiento, que fue desarrollada para comprender y predecir cómo se realizarán las mezclas dentro de una estructura de pavimento bajo una combinación infinita de condiciones ambientales y de tráfico.

Capire le basi delle prove e della progettazione stradale superpave — IPC Global | CONTROLS Group

Comprendre les essais bases sur la performance type superpave — IPC Global | CONTROLS Group

Galileo — A Gyratory Compaction Revolution — IPC Global | CONTROLS Group

IPC Global has once again raised the bar for innovation, performance and design with the introduction of the radically innovative Galileo Gyratory Compactors.   Featuring Electromechanical Servoactuation (EmS) Technology, these next-generation systems are fully electromechanical, making them quick and easy to install. With no compressed air or hydraulic oil required, they are clean to operate, environmentally friendly and low maintenance.

Galileo & Galileo Research range of accessories — IPC Global | CONTROLS Group

Galileo and Galileo Research can be further enhanced with a wide range of useful accessories including the patented Internal Angle Measurement (ILS) device as well as cylinders, molds and distance plates compatible with all CONTROLS gyratory compactors.

World of Asphalt USA, 2018 - Interview of John Lamond CONTROLS Group USA General Manager

Check out the interview of John Lamond, CONTROLS Group USA General Manager at World of Asphalt. 

Discover our range — IPC Global | CONTROLS Group

This video is a comprehensive overview of IPC Global's widest and most unique range including static and dynamic testing machines that cover all the applications needed by the most demanding laboratories.

Asphalt Analyzer — How-to determinate bituminous mixture soluble binder content by automatic bitumen extraction — IPC Global | CONTROLS Group

Binder extraction and recovery is important for both determining the binder content and recovering a representative sample which can be used to perform other tests such as penetration, softening point, etc. The machine used is a Pavelab Systems product, by Controls.  

DWT Double Wheel Tracker — How-to determinate asphalt deformation (rutting) test IN AIR - EN 12697-22 — IPC Global | CONTROLS Group

The wheel tracking test is used for determining the susceptibility of Hot Mix Asphalt (HMA) to deform under load by measuring the rut depth formed by repeated passes of a loaded wheel at a fixed temperature.

AMPT PRO — Next Generation Asphalt Mixture Performance Tester — IPC Global | CONTROLS Group

AMP PRO fully complies with AASHTO TP 79 and can perform the three asphalt tests of NCHRP Projects 9-19 and 9-29 - Dynamic Modulus, Flow number and flow time with ease. In addition AMPT PRO can also perform Uniaxial Fatigue / SVECD, Overlay Test, Semi-Circular Bend, Indirect Tensile Dynamic Modulus, Small Diameter Dynamic Modulus, and IRLPD tests with the addition of optional hardware accessories.

Pneumatic Four Point Bend Apparatus — IPC Global | CONTROLS Group

Four Point Bend Apparatus is a stand-alone system for four-point fatigue life testing of asphalt beams subjected to repeated flexural bending.  Designed and Engineered specifically to meet EN12697-24D, EN12697-26B, AASHTO T321 and AG:PT/T233 (AST 03:2000) IPC Global's Pneumatic Four Point Bend Apparatus is the choice of leading asphalt researchers world wide.

PReSBOX — Asphalt Shearbox Compactor — IPC Global | CONTROLS Group

PReSBOX compactor, developed collaboratively between IPC Global and Pioneer Road Services, provides the latest in asphalt specimen preparation and mix evaluation technology. It produces asphalt beams and cylinders with excellent homogeneity and particle orientation. The unique shearing action of the PReSBOX closely replicates the conditions under which asphalt is placed in the field and gives a good measure of workability.

Automatic Triaxial Cell — IPC Global | CONTROLS Group

This triaxial cell is suitable for a range of materials including asphalt, soils and unbound granular materials. The Automatic Triaxial Cell allows for quick, simple and easy operation and has been developed to minimise disturbance to the sample and reduce heavy lifting. IPC Global have incorporated innovative pneumatic lift cylinders into the design. These are computer controlled and automatically raise and lower the cell wall to give you complete 360° access to the specimen.

Descubra nuestra gama de productos — IPC Global | CONTROLS Group

Este video es una completa presentación de la extensa y única gama de productos de IPC Global, incluyendo las máquinas de ensayo estáticas y dinámicas que cubren todas las aplicaciones que los laboratorios más exigentes puedan necesitar. Nuevos sistemas ingeniosos basados en la innovadora tecnología de servo-actuación electromecánica EmS le darán acceso a ensayos de rendimiento SuperPave, los cuales sólo estaban disponibles hasta la fecha para los laboratorios más avanzados.

Découvrez notre gamme — IPC Global | CONTROLS Group

Cette vidéo est un aperçu général de la gamme étendue et unique d’IPC Global comportant des machines d’essais statiques et dynamiques couvrant toutes les applications des laboratoires les plus exigeants. De nouveaux systèmes ingénieux basés sur une technologie révolutionnaire à Servo-Vérin Electromécanique (EmS) vous donneront accès à des essais dynamiques importants de performance SuperPave qui n’étaient jusque-là seulement accessibles aux laboratoires de recherche évolués.

PIVOT — How-to perform penetration test on bituminous materials,ASTM D5 — IPC Global | CONTROLS Group

The penetration test is used as a measure of consistency. Higher values of penetration indicate softer consistency. Pivot is able to perform this test automatically and it features a very accurate zero point determination to eliminate any operator error.

Discover our range — IPC Global | CONTROLS Group (Chinese version)

UTS Neutron — IPC Global | CONTROLS Group

PaveAnalyzer — How-to automatic binder and filling extraction from asphalt mixture — IPC Global | CONTROLS Group

PaveAnalyzer— IPC Global | CONTROLS Group

AsphaltQube — IPC Global | CONTROLS Group

AsphaltQube is a fully integrated standard testing system based on the revolutionary EmS Electro-mechanical Servoactuated technology, suitable for QC / QA tests.  Now you can perform the most common asphalt standards in one compact, modular, easy to use machine. 

AsphaltQube Español — IPC Global | CONTROLS Group

How-to prepare and glu overlay test specimen to Tex-248-F- and ASTM WK 26816 — IPC Global | CONTROLS Group

How-to gluing speciment for Dynamic modulus test to AASHTO T378 — IPC Global | CONTROLS Group

Procedure for Uniaxial cyclic fatigue test specimen gluing to ASSHTO TP107— IPC Global | CONTROLS Group