Controls Group UNIFRAME 250 electromechanical universal tester, 250 kN cap. UNIFRAME 250 electromechanical universal tester, 250 kN cap.
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Universal testers - Steel (re-bars)

UNIFRAME 250 electromechanical universal tester, 250 kN cap.

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Main features
  • Electromechanical Universal testing machine, PC controlled
  • 250 kN maximum load in compression, 150 kN in tensile mode
  • High accuracy load cell, with up to three other cells of lower capacity that can be connected for tests on low strength materials
  • Advanced closed loop control system to improve stability and produce a reliable performance
  • Wide range of test application including compression, tension, flexure, splitting and cyclic tests on different construction materials to ensure maximum versatility
  • Despite the large testing space, the frame ensures very high stiffness (200 kN/mm), making it ideal for Fiber Reinforced Concrete testing
  • Very fast reaction time and accurate load regulation, essential for FRC-FRP tests
  • Various software packages that can be used tailored to specific test method
  • Totally flexible: 14 channels are available to connect any desired load/displacement sensor
 Suitable for:
  • Tensile tests conforming to EN and ASTM up to 150 kN
  • Tests under displacement and strain control on FRC-FRP concrete and Shotcrete
  • CBR, Marshall stability, Indirect tensile, Leutner, SCB tests 
  • Compression tests on cement, concrete and other materials
  • Elastic modulus and Poisson ratio determinations
  • Flexural and tension tests on various materials
General description
General description
The machine consists essentially of a robust two column high stiffness frame (200 kN/mm) with an upper crosshead, which is factory-preset at your desired height, and of a lower mobile bi-directional crosshead adjustable by the user using the dedicated push buttton or via the PC software.

The machine features an advanced closed loop PID control system assuring very fast reaction time and extremely accurate test control, particularly important for critical tests, such as those on FRC and FRP specimens. The stress is measured by a load cell incorporated in the upper crosshead and the displacement by a high-resolution encoder with 0.1 micron resolution.
The machine is fitted with two limit switches working at upper and lower full travel and two additional limit switches adjustable by the client in the desired position, according to the specific accessory in use. A remote push-button is used to quickly position the lower crosshead.
The machine is supplied complete with:
  • High specs all-in-one PC 
  • Load cell 250 kN cap. Up to three other cells of lower capacity for tests on low strength materials can be connected (for not simoultaneous use)
  • Adapters to connect main accessories
  • DATAMANAGER Software for compression and flexural tests

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Technical specifications

Maximum load in compression 250 kN
Maximum load in tension 150 kN
Max. vertical clearance, without accessories 930 mm
Distance between columns 650 mm
Crosshead travel 400 mm
Crosshead displacement resolution  0.0001 mm
Test speed range  0.0001 to 175 (105 at full load) mm/min
Load rate range 1 to 9999 N/sec
Power 1 kW
Overall dimensions (hxlxd) 2100 x 960 x 800 mm
Weight approx. 600 kg
131.000 points effective resolution
High frequency closed-loop P.I.D. control
Control frequency 500 Hz
Sampling rate 500 Hz
4 channels for load cells (not simoultaneously)
6 channels to measure displacement values with transducers (LVDT, magnetostrictive, potentiometric)
4 channels for strain measurement with strain gauges
High resolution encoder (0.0001 mm)
Memorization of the calibration curve enables sensors to be connected and used immediately
Digital linearization of the calibration curve (multi-coefficient)
DATAMANAGER software (a high specs PC is included) allows remote control of the whole system and the automatic execution of test including: fast approaching, zeroing, test execution, automatic test interruption after specimen failure or achievement of the target set by the user, numerical and graphical management of test results.

Ordering info

UNIFRAME 250, Electromechanical Universal tester 250 kN cap. in compression, 150 kN in tension.
230 V, 50-60 Hz, 1 ph.
Same as above but 110 V, 60 Hz, 1 ph.


Steel tensile testing up to 150 kN
Upper and lower tensile heads to be completed with grips for rounds and/or flat specimens 70-T2502/Gx
Grips for round specimens 7 to 14 mm dia.
Grips for flat specimens 0 to 8 mm.
Grips for flat specimens 8 to 15 mm.
Software for steel tensile testing conforming to ASTM, EN and ISO Standards
Concrete compression and flexural tests
Compression platens dia.160 mm complete with spherical seat
Lower support beam for flexural bearers. Rollers not included. 
See Accessories and Additional information for Flexural frames 

Tests under displacement and strain control on Fiber Reinforced Concrete and Shotcrete. (Using the 70-T2502/FL lower support beam, when necessary)
Auxiliary testing frame for the measurement of deflection of FRC beams (EN 14488-3, EN 14651, ASTM C1609).
High accuracy displacement transducer 10mm travel (2 pieces needed)
Software for testing FRC and Shotcrete concrete
Determination of the modulus of elasticity (using the 70-T2502/2 compression platens)
Compressometer-Extensometer for Elastic Modulus determination
Strain gauges
Software for the determination of the Modulus of Elasticity

Other tests
Accessories are available for many kind of tests on different materials. Follow the links relative to the category of tests of your interest.

Software for Marshall, CBR, Indirect Tensile, SCB, Duriez and Custom tests.

Duriez, static test on bituminous mixtures (using the T2502/2 compression plates): NF P98-251-1, NF P98-251-4

Asphalt testing

Rock testing

Cement, concrete and masonry building units