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Universal testers - Steel (re-bars)

Semi-automatic 500/1000kN testing machines for steel and concrete

EN ISO 6892 | EN ISO 7500-1 | EN ISO 15630-1
Main features
  • Compact design
  • Heavy duty high-functionality jaws rated for severe prolonged use for testing up to 26 mm dia. rebars 
  • For tensile tests up to 500 kN on steel and compression tests up to 1000 kN on concrete
  • Affordable testing machine for accurate test execution 
  • Ideal for site testing and educational purposes
General description
General description
This machine has been designed for use, in the field or laboratory to perform tension tests on steel rebars up to 26 mm dia. and compression tests on cylindrical concrete specimens up to dia. 160x320 mm and cubes up to 150 mm, using the appropriate accessories. 
Load measurement and data acquisition by the DIGIMAX UTM microprocessor digital display and processing unit.

The frame consists of a very rigid frame with double acting cylinder assembly.

It includes a set of tensile holders, 4 wedge grips for flats up to thickness of 13 mm, 4  wedge grips for rounds up to 26 mm dia. and 2 sets of grips' liners 4 and 8 mm thick.

Spherical seat and compression platens for concrete specimens are not included and have to be ordered separately (see Accessories).

High precision displacement transducer, 150mm travel, can be mounted (as accessory) on the piston/cylinder assembly to obtain stress/elongation graph based on the crossheads separation measurement.

DIGIMAX UTM digital display and processing unit
The machine is fit with Digimax UTM, microprocessor digital system with large graphic display 240x128 pixel. For elongation measurements it shall be connected to the electronic extensometers (Coaxial or Universal, See Accessoires) directly mounted on the specimen and/or to the high precision displacement tranducer mounted on the frame for grips separation measurement (see Accessories)
Easy connection by Ethernet cable to PC using UTS Light software to obtain the stress/elongation graph and test results complete elaboration conforming to EN Standard. See Accessories

Hydraulic power pump
The power system consists of a dual-stage pump: low pressure/high delivery for fast piston approach and high pressure/low volume for loading. It is optimised to prevent any overheating effects even under intensive use and severe working conditions.
A special flow control valve allows the rate of loading to be pre-set conforming to specifications.

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Technical specifications

  • Load capacity in tension: 500 kN
  • Load capacity in compression: 1000 kN
  • tensile jaws including: 4 wedge grips for flats up to thickness of 13 mm, 4  wedge grips for rounds up to 26 mm dia. and 2 sets of grips' liners 4 and 8 mm thick.
  • Maximum distance between grips (tensile mode): approx. 300 mm
  • Specimen length (tensile mode): approx. 500 mm
  • Max vertical clearance for compression (with 70-S0012/1): 695mm
  • Max. ram travel: 150 mm
  • Distance between columns: 310 mm
  • Overall dimensions approx (w x d x h).: 900 x 400 x 1750 mm
  • Weight approx.: 500 kg
Digimax Plus data acquisition and processing system
  • Touch screen graphic display 240x128 pixel
  • 4 channels: 2 channels for load sensors and 2 channels for extensometers. A maximum of 3 channels (1 for load, 1 for extensometer, 1 for crosshead displacement transducer) selected by the user can be contemporaneously used.
  • Effective sampling rate up to 50 / sec
  • Effective resolution 17 bit (131000 divisions)
  • Data storage on USB pen drive (included)
  • Connection to PC via LAN port (UTS Light software )
  • Real time clock and date
  • Simultaneous display of load, stress and, using an extensometer or crosshead displacement transducer, specimen elongation (acquisition only)
  • Graphical test data option showing the load/elongation curve (when an extensometer, or  the crosshead displacement transducer, is used)
  • Simultaneous display of load and stress
Hydraulic power pump
  • Complete with self-compensated proportional valve for the manual preset of load rate
  • Maximum pressure: 650 bar, oil delivery 0.5 litres/min
  • Maximum usable oil volume: 3.5 litres
  • Power: 750W
  • Weight: 55kg (approx.)

Ordering info

Semi-automatic combined 500/1000 kN system, 500 kN for tensile testing on steel rebar up to 26mm diameter and 1000 kN for compression testing on concrete. Comprehends DIGIMAX UTM digital display and processing unit, frame fitted with heavy-duty jaws and grips for tensile testing to EN ISO 6892-1 (method B) and EN 15630-1.                           
230 V, 50 Hz, 1 ph.
Weight approx: 550 kg

Same as above but 220 V, 60 Hz, 1 ph
Same as above but 110 V, 60 Hz, 1 ph



UTS Light data acquisition and processing software for tensile test according to EN 10002 allowing:   
  • Input of specimen identification, test and name of customer
  • real time downloading of test data
  • simultaneous display of stress/time and stress/elongation when extensometer is adopted (coaxial extensometer series 70-C0961/xx or universal extensometer series 70-C0954/x) or the crosshead displacement transducer
  • elaboration of tension test results once test is completed: ReH, ReL or Rp, final elongation, etc. in conformity to EN ISO 6892-1 (method B) and EN 15630-1 (for steel rebars) when extensometer is adopted
  • unit of measurement: kN, mm, MPa
  • printout of test reports
  • multi-language software

Coaxial extensometers

Coaxial electronic extensometer for round specimens from 6 to 26 mm dia.
Gauge length: 200 mm. Travel: 50 mm. 

Universal extensometers

Universal electronic extensometer, measuring base 50 to 200 mm. Complete with case.
150 mm travel high precision displacement transducer allowing test execution under crosshead separation control.

Set of lower platen and upper platen with spherical seat, 216 mm dia., for testing cylinders up to dia. 160x320 mm and cubes from 100 to 150 mm. To be completed with the suitable distance pieces depending on the specimen height.
Weight approx.: 45 kg

Distance pieces
Made of steel, these pieces are used to reduce the vertical clearance of the compression machine to a height that is appropriate for the size of the specimen and considering that, in general, the maximum piston travel is 150mm.

Code Dimensions
(diameter xheight, mm)
50-C9080 200 x 30
50-C9082 200 x 50
50-C9083 200 x 68
50-C9084 96 x 158
50-C9086 200 x 100
50-C9087 96 x 130
Front and rear fragment guard  


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