Triaxial Testing Equipment

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Triaxial testing is conducted to measure the mechanical properties of soil, sand, clay, and other granular materials.

Typical triaxial tests involve confining a sealed cylindrical soil specimen, with a height-to-diameter ratio of 2:1, into a pressurised cell to simulate defined stress conditions. The specimen is then sheared until failure which leads to the determination of its shear strength properties. The specimen is initially saturated, then consolidated and finally sheared, mostly under compressive conditions.

To accommodate our customers’ varying needs and budgets, we offer a wide range of testing equipment:

Standard testing equipment:

Automatic testing equipment:

  •  Autotriax EmS: the most flexible automatic triaxial testing system that can perform up to 6 entire and independent tests at the same time; composed of different components that can be combined for covering all the requirements.
  • AutotriaxQube: Revolutionary all-in-one automatic triaxial testing system integrating the many components of triaxial testing into one, single compact system.


In order to configure each triaxial test accordingly,  CONTROLS and Wykeham Farrance offer a variety of components:


1. Load frames are used for applying vertical force in triaxial testing. Six models of load frames are available depending on the maximum capacity and whether they are fitted with a built-in data acquisition.

2. Triaxial Cells are the main element for triaxial testing and consists in chambers with a variety of sizes where the prepared specimens are mounted. Each model comes in several versions with different dimensions and pressure capacities.

3. Pressure Systems are typically used to generate cell pressure and back pressure during testing.

4. Data acquisition is used to obtain, display in real-time and store data in Standard Triaxial equipment, as well as control and manage all the devices in Automatic triaxial equipment.

5. De-airing systems work with a vacuum source to remove trapped air from water supplies for triaxial and permeability tests. We offer two types of de-airing water systems: the standard de-airing water system and the top of the range standalone de-airing all-in-one water system.

6. Measurement Components: There are three primary groups of measurement components: analogue, electronic, and advanced electronic.



If you want to know more about triaxial testing, read our blog post here or contact our sales network in order to find your best solution


Banded Triaxial Cells

Used for performing triaxial - effective/total stress, stress path, dynamic, permeability tests.

Load Rings

Used for measuring applied force on a soil sample

On-Sample Transducers

Used for measuring local deformation on soil sample in triaxial test.

Standalone Pressure Volume Controller, HYDROMATIC

Used as general-purpose water pressure source and volume change controller.

Standard Triaxial System with Analogue Measurement

Used by standard laboratories that don’t require digital measurement.

Submersible Load Cells

Submersible (internal) load cells have been designed to work inside the triaxial cells.

Triaxial Load Frame TRITECH

Ideal for research laboratories to perform high quality tests at high level of productivity.

Air/Water Pressure System and Control Panels

Used for providing a variable constant pressure using air compressed

External Load Cells

Used for measuring the axial force applied to soil sample.

Standard Triaxial Cells

Used for performing triaxial test - effective/total stress and permeability

Standard Triaxial System with Built-in Digital Data Acquisition

Used by educational lab needing a compact solution without external data acquisition.

Triaxial Load Frame TRIAX

Basic triaxial load frame without built-in data acquisition up to 70 mm sample

Axial Displacement Transducers

Used for measuring axial deformation on soil sample

Oil/Water Pressure System

Used for providing a variable constant pressure using a oil/water interface

Standard Triaxial System with External/Expandable Digital Data Acquisition

Used by commercial and educational lab needing central data acquisition and flexible configurations.

Triaxial Load Frame TRITECH with 4 Built-In Channels

Ideal for high productivity triaxial testing

Triaxial Load Frame TRIAX with 4 Built-In Channels

Basic triaxial load frame with built-in data acquisition up to 70 mm sample

Electronic Volume Change Apparatus

Used for measuring variation of volume of soil sample in a triaxial test.