Triaxial Testing Components

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This section includes the main components used for configuring a triaxial testing equipment such as load frames, triaxial cells with relevant accessories, pressure systems for the application of cell and back pressure as well as de-airing systems. You will also find in this section dedicated components specifically designed for fully automatic triaxial systems.

Banded Triaxial Cells

Used for performing triaxial - effective/total stress, stress path, dynamic, permeability tests.

Data Acquisition and Control Unit for Triaxial Tests - AUTOTRIAX EmS

Brain of the AUTOTRIAX EmS system, transmitting data from software and devices

Standalone Pressure Volume Controller, HYDROMATIC

Used as general-purpose water pressure source and volume change controller.

Triaxial Load Frame TRITECH

Ideal for research laboratories to perform high quality tests at high level of productivity.

Air/Water Pressure System and Control Panels

Used for providing a variable constant pressure using air compressed

Pressure and volume controller for triaxial tests - AUTOTRIAX EmS

Used for generating water pressure in and around the test specimen in AUTOTRIAX EmS

Standard Triaxial Cells

Used for performing triaxial test - effective/total stress and permeability

Triaxial Load Frame TRIAX

Basic triaxial load frame without built-in data acquisition up to 70 mm sample

Oil/Water Pressure System

Used for providing a variable constant pressure using a oil/water interface

Triaxial Load Frame TRITECH with 4 Built-In Channels

Ideal for high productivity triaxial testing

Triaxial test automatic control and processing softwares - AUTOTRIAX EmS

AUTOTRIAX EmS software is a comprehensive and user-friendly interface between operator and system

Air pressure controller and water volume change for unsaturated soils triaxial tests - AUTOTRIAX EmS

Used for performing unsaturated triaxial test in AUTOTRIAX EmS

Triaxial Load Frame TRIAX with 4 Built-In Channels

Basic triaxial load frame with built-in data acquisition up to 70 mm sample

Triaxial cells' accessories Selector

Consumable and not consumable accessories to be use with triaxial cells.

Consolidation Bench for Triaxial Cells

Used for reducing testing time for triaxial tests, where only one compression machine is available.

Double Wall Triaxial Cells for Unsaturated Tests

Used for performing triaxial test on unsaturated soil sample, thanks to the double wall chamber.

Permeability Cells

Used in conjunction with toxic interface chamber for measuring permeability in contaminated soil.

Standalone De-Airing Water System

Standalone all-in-one de-airing water system removes the dissolved air from water.