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Our Universal Testing Machines and accessories are designed to perform mechanical tests on steel specimens and reinforcing bars. Our electromechanical models can be used for testing — in compression, flexure or tension — other construction materials such as concrete, cement, rock, asphalt, soil and many more. Most of the machines are PC-controlled, assuring a simplification and rationalization of test procedures together with all the other advantages associated with the use of the most modern electronics.


Automax Pro-M Automatic 500/1000kN Testing Machines for Steel and Concrete

Designed for use, in the field or laboratory to perform tensile test on rebars

Automatic 500/1000kN Testing Machines for Steel and Concrete

Designed for use, in the field or laboratory for tensile tests on rebars

500/1000kN Testing Frame for Steel and Concrete Testing

This frame is meant to be connected to the AUTOMAX Multitest control console

1000 kN UTM - HPT Series with AUTOMAX T Control Unit

Featuring almost the same performances of the HPU 200 Series at a more affordable price

1000, 2000 kN UTM - HPT Series with HPU 200 Control Unit

Powerful hydraulic system which offers high test throughput improving efficiency of the laboratory.

Accessory for Electrowelded Screen

Test accessory for electrowelded steel screen

Asphalt Testing Accessories

Accessory sets for testing asphalt samples with UNIFRAME machines.

Automatic Computerized 1000/2000kN Testing Machines for Steel and Concrete

The ideal solution to suit the requirements of central and commercial laboratories

Bend and Re-Bend Test Accessory

Bend and rebend test attachment for specimens up to 40mm dia.

Coaxial Extensometers with Fixed Base Length

Extensometers used for measuring the extension up to failure

Cold Bend Testing Machine

Used for bending and straightening steel reinforcing bars.

Compression Devices for Cement and Mortars

Robust frame fitted with an upper platen with spherical seat that moves vertically sustained by a sp

Compression Test Accessory

Upper spherical seat and compression platens

Cut off Machine

Used to cut the steel specimens to a suitable length for tensile testing.

Flexural Test Device for Concrete Beams

Double upper bearer for third point test and center. Total height: 370 mm when adjusted for 150 mm b

Marking off Machine

Used to mark off steel specimens before testing

Nut and Bolt Test Accessory

The test accessory includes: bare test attachment, bushes for specimens positioning and

Road Base and Soil Mechanics

Accessory sets for testing soil and soil-cement samples with UNIFRAME machines.