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Liquid limit penetrometers

Soil - Atterberg Limits : Liquid limit penetrometers

The cone penetrometer apparatus is used to determine the moisture content at which clay soils pass from a plastic to a liquid state and it is used also for the determination of undrained shear strength (CEN ISO/TS 17892-12). Two versions available: the standard 22-T0029/D and the semi-automatic...
Shrinkage limit set

Soil - Atterberg Limits : Shrinkage limit set

Used for determining the maximum moisture content at which the soil does not shrink after drying the sample. The set includes: 22-T0035/1 Shrinkage dish 45 mm dia. x 12.7 mm high. (Q.ty 2) 22-T0035/2 Crystallizing dish, 57 mm dia. x 31 mm deep 22-T0035/3 Shrinkage prong plate....
Plastic limit set

Soil - Atterberg Limits : Plastic limit set

Used for determining the lowest moisture content of a soil at which the sample can be rolled into little rolls, 3 mm dia., without breakages. The set includes: 22-T0040/1  Plastic limit plate, 300x300 mm 22-T0040/2  Stainless steel rod 3 mm dia. 86-D1171  Mixing dish 120 mm...