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Carbon dioxide content in cement

Cement - Carbon dioxide content: Carbon dioxide content in cement

The testing equipment consists of: Y-piece with Mohr clip; CO2 absorption tower for gas or air stream; dropping funnel; distil­lation flask with electric mantel heater and three-armed still head; condenser; wash bottle for concentrated sulphuric acid; two absorption U-tubes for Hydrogen Sulphide and...
Muffle furnace, 1200

Cement - Muffle furnace, 1200: Muffle furnace, 1200

Used for determining the loss on ignition of cement and building lime. Max. temperature: 1200°C Power: 4200 W Inside dimensions (lxwxh): 210x280x145 mm Overall dimensions: 510x650x650 mm Weight approx.: 70 kg
Muffle furnaces

General lab - Muffle furnaces: Muffle furnaces

This range of muffle furnaces cover practically all requirements of construction materials laboratory: from aggregates to concrete/cement and asphalt testing.