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Climatic chambers

Aggregates - Climatic chambers: Climatic chambers

Cabinet Monobloc stainless steel cabinet. All internal angles have been rounded for easy cleaning. Insulation with high density polyurethane 60 mm thick. The shelves are supported on stainless steel guides  capable of holding heavy specimens . The cooling system and controls are located in the top...
Climatic chambers for construction lab

General lab - Climatic chambers for construction lab: Climatic chambers for construction lab

This advanced climatic chamber is proposed in two versions.
  • 10-D1429 temperature controlled from -30 to 70°C, for testing aggregates conforming to EN 1367-1 and other similar tests on concrete and other construction materials and
  • 10-D1429/A temperature and humidity controlled respectively from -30 to 70°C and from 20 to ≥90% humidity, for aggregates and various other  tests  as for instance concrete and cement specimen curing (EN 12390-2, EN 196-1). Both models can be upgraded with internal data recording facility, data output port and dedicated PC software. See accessory 10-D1429/REC.
For the determination of resistance to freezing and thawing of aggregates the accessory 48-D0457, should be used. See accessories.