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Length comparator

Cement - Length comparator: Length comparator

This apparatus is used for a number of length measurements concerning mainly cement and mortar specimens with different lengths. For this reason the reference rods are not included and have to be ordered separately, consulting for an easy and quick choice, the specification table. Two column steel frame with...
Hydraulic shrinkage mould 40x40x160 mm

Cement - Hydraulic shrinkage moulds: Hydraulic shrinkage mould 40x40x160 mm

The 62-L0009/G version is used for the determination of linear shrinkage of cement mortars (EN 12617-4). The same mould can be used for testing grouts conforming to EN 12808-4 replacing the standard plugs with the 62-L0010/H2 and placing two 15x40x160 mm plastic inserts  62-L0010/H3 inside each...