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Field CBR test set and conversion frame for laboratory use

Soil - CBR loading presses: Field CBR test set and conversion frame for laboratory use

CBR test can be performed not only in laboratory but also in-situ. CONTROLS proposes a dual purpose test assembly that, connected to the suitable accessories, can satisfy both needs: for field testing, 34-T0115/A includes all necessary components that, along with vehicle bracket code 34-T0115/9,...
CBR equipment, BS version

Soil - CBR apparatus: CBR equipment, BS version

This method is used for the laboratory evaluation of subgrade and subbase coarse materials in road construction. To perform this type of test, we propose moulds with various accessories listed in the table below and manual compaction rammers. Different models are available conforming to the various...
BS Sand replacement test sets

Soil - Field density test sets: BS Sand replacement test sets

The verification of the degree of compaction can be determinate on site by a simple procedure consisting essentially in removing and weighing a part of compacted soil and replacing in the hole with sand by a simple apparatus recording the volume of sand and then calculating the density of the removed...
Soil extruder,hand operated

Soil - Sample preparation : Soil extruder,hand operated

This hydraulic extruder can accommodate standard U4 tubes and a range of adaptors to extrude soil samples 35, 38, 101.6, 106 and 152.4mm dia. It can also be used to remove Marshall, Proctor and CBR specimens. Appropriate accessories and adaptors are available and have to be ordered separately. See...
Universal specimen extruder

Soil - Sample preparation : Universal specimen extruder

Used to remove 4” (101.6 mm), 6” (152.4 mm), 100 mm, 150 mm diameter specimens from Proctor, CBR and Marshall moulds. Steel structure with adapters that can be easily fit conforming to the mould diameter. Capacity: 50 kN Maximum ram stroke: 197 mm (ram) + 68 mm...
Vibration compaction hammer

Soil - Vibration compaction hammer: Vibration compaction hammer

Used for the compaction of Proctor and CBR soil specimens. Using the appropriate tamping foot it can also be used for compacting asphalt in the “Percentage refusal density test”. See Vibrating hammer for P.R.D. specimens. Double insulated motor. Plastic trigger handle. The hammer is supplied...