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Potential alkali-silica reactivity of aggregates. Chemical method

Aggregates - Equipment for chemical tests: Potential alkali-silica reactivity of aggregates. Chemical method

ASTM, NF, UNE and UNI standard use the reaction container code 48-D0545 for the chemical determination of potential reactivity of aggregates with alkalies in Portland cement concrete. Other apparatus are also needed, for example the Jar Milles models 48-D0544 and 48-D0544/A (see link to other products...
Laboratory crusher

Aggregates - Crushing apparatus: Laboratory crusher

Used to crush aggregates, core samples and similar materials when a reduction in sample size is necessary. The crusher has a jaw opening of 100x60 mm and can produce from 100 to 400 kg of material per hour. The movement of the jaws can be adjusted from 2 to 18 mm. The crushed sample can be further reduced...
Hammer mill

Aggregates - Crushing apparatus: Hammer mill

The hammer mill is used to reduce the sample size, previously crushed to 5 mm size with the Laboratory Crusher (see link other producs below), in order to perform various tests as, for instance, the chemical properties of aggregates. The grinding operation is obtained by  the combination of three...
Jar mills

Aggregates - Crushing apparatus: Jar mills

Designed for milling aggregate samples to reduce particle sizes down from 1-5 mm to pass through a 300 µm approx sieve (depending on hardness of the material). The machine is fitted within a noise reduction cabinet with a safety switch for safe operation conforming to CE directives and with a...