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Water in bitumen test set

Bitumen - Water in bitumen test set: Water in bitumen test set

Used for determining the water content of bituminous and petroleum materials by distillation with a water immiscible, volatile solvent. Comprising: Glass still 10 ml Glass receiver Glass condenser Electric heater with thermoregulator   Power: 250 W Weight...
Emulsified asphalt distillation apparatus

Bitumen - Emulsified asphalt distillation apparatus: Emulsified asphalt distillation apparatus

Used to examine the asphalt emulsions composed principally of a semi-solid or liquid asphaltic base, water and an emulsified agent. The apparatus consists of an aluminium-alloy still with ring burner, a glass connecting tube with water-cooled condenser, a graduated cylinder 100 ml cap, support stands, holders...