New WIZARD AUTO and AUTOMAX PRO Power and Control Systems

2019 sees the launch of a complete new range of fully automatic compression machines.

These all new automatic Quality Control compression machines are the outcome of 50 years of innovation and technical leadership in concrete testing equipment and are based on feedback received from our customers and distributors. 

Two new exciting models launching today!
We are excited to announce the launch of two highly anticipated and critically important new models of concrete compression machines, the WIZARD AUTO and AUTOMAX PRO.

WIZARD AUTO, standard Quality Control concrete compression machine is now AUTOMATIC!

With the introduction of WIZARD AUTO replacing Wizard 2 and Digimax models, CONTROLS has decided to completely abandon the design and manufacture of semi-automatic machines in favour of automatic systems, even at entry-level, making this technology accessible to everyone. We firmly believe automation is the only way to reduce opportunities for operator errors thus providing total certainty in testing accuracy and strict conformity to International Standards — our long-standing objectives.

AUTOMAX PRO, the new top-of-the-range Compact-line concrete compression machine

AUTOMAX PRO introduces Internet of Things (IoT) technology in Materials Testing.
New smart connectivity packages (LInK-LAB, WEBCARE and i-LAB) enable the machine to integrate into the laboratory ecosystem; and access high value cloud-based services. This new technology will transform the way your systems interact with the laboratory and client environments whilst delivering transparent testing processes that are easy, efficient, safe and accurate.

In addition, the super intuitive interface of the AUTOMAX PRO with a large easy-to-use touchscreen display operates like a smartphone or tablet enhancing user experience and comfort