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Speedy moisture testers

AASHTO T217 | ASTM D4944 | BS 6576 | UNE 7804
General description
General description
A well established portable test method for the determination of moisture content of soils, sand and fine aggregates. The procedure involves the reaction between water and calcium carbide which when mixed together give off a gas. The amount of gas is directly proportional to the amount of water present in the sample and results in percentage are taken from a pressure gauge.
The tester is supplied complete with electronic balance, brushes and measure in a plastic carrying case.
Two versions available: 47-T0023/A 20 g cap., and 47-T0024/A 6 g cap.
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Technical specifications

Model 47-T0024/A 47-T0023/A
Moisture range 0-20% 0-20%
Gauge divisions 0.2% 0.2%
Standard weight on balance 6 g 20 g
Case dimensions 510x380x200 mm 510x380x200 mm
Weight approx.: 5.5 kg 6 kg

Ordering info

Speedy moisture tester, 20 g cap. , complete with electronic balance, accessories and carrying case.

Speedy moisture tester, 6 g cap. , complete with electronic balance, accessories and carrying case.


Speedy calibration kit

Moisture tester reagent. 0.4 kg box.

Important note
When the 47-T0021 reagent is for export there are limitations on the method of transportation. The reagent has to be ordered separately in special packs according to international regulations.