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Soil sampler, cutter and extruder

Main features
- Specimen cutting: up to 100mm circular and square samples
- Speciment extrusion: up to 200mm high samples (more than 600mm daylight is required for 100mm dia sample extrusion) 
- Upper plate size: 120mm
- Vertical Daylight: 620mm

- Overall sizes: 525x360x1530mm ( included the rack and pinion mechanism extended)
- Weight: 22kg

General description
General description
This versatile sampler can be used to extrude and prepare soil samples for the following soil mechanics tests:
- consolidation
- shear
- triaxial
- permeability
- other tests

Various circular, cylindrical and square cutters are available from our range, depending on the geotechnical test to be performed. The cutter is genlty (thank to the rack and pinion mechanism) pushed into the soil core and then extruded with the extrusion dolly. See the table of accessories  for more details.
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Ordering info

 Cutting and extruding soil sampler with rack and pinion mechanism. Suitable for samples up to 100mm dia.                                               



Code Type Shape Sample size
26-WF0320/3 cutter ring  50.47 x 20 
26-WF0321/3 cutter ring  63.5 x 20 
26-WF0325/3 cutter ring  71.40 x 20 
26-WF0326/3 cutter ring  75 x 20 
26-WF0335/3 cutter ring  112.5 x 25
* these cuttig ring are alrady included in each consolidation cell. 


Code type shape sample size,mm
27-WF0215/B7 cutter square 60x60 x 20 (lxl x h)
27-WF0215/8 extrusion dolly square 60x60x 20
27-WF0216/B7 cutter square 100x100 x 20
27-WF0216/8 extrusion dolly square 100x100 x 20
27-WF0217/B7 cutter ring 50 x 20 ( diam. x h)
27-WF0217/8 extrusion dolly ring 50 x 20 
27-WF0218/B7 cutter ring 60 x 20
27-WF0218/8 extrusion dolly ring 60 x 20
27-WF0219/B7 cutter ring 63.5 x 20
27-WF0219/8 extrusion dolly ring 63.5 x 20
27-WF0222/B7 cutter ring 100 x 20 
27-WF0222/8 extrusion dolly ring 100 x 20


Code Type Shape Sample size,mm
28-WF0420/9 cutter & extrusion dolly & receiver cylinder 35 x 70 (dia. x h)
28-WF4031/G cutter & extrusion dolly & receiver cylinder 38 x 76 (dia. x h)
28-WF4051/G cutter & extrusion dolly & receiver cylinder 50 x 100 (dia. x h)
28-WF4071/G cutter & extrusion dolly & receiver cylinder 70 x 140 (dia. x h)
28-WF4101/G cutter & extrusion dolly & receiver cylinder 100 x 200 (dia. x h)