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Soil prospecting kit

ASTM D420 | ASTM D1452 | AASHTO T86
General description
General description
It comprises all the most popular auger and sampler housed in a practical carrying case. It consists of:
  • 16-T0005/A  Hand auger head 80 mm dia.
  • 16-T0006/A  Hand auger  head 100 mm dia.
  • 16-T0007/A  Hand auger head 150 mm dia.
  • 16-T0008/A  Spiral soil auger head 40 mm dia.
  • 16-T0008/B  Dutch soil auger head, Edelman model, 70 mm dia.
  • 16-T0008/C  Gravel auger head 150 mm dia.
  • 16-T0010/6  Stainless steel sample tubes dia. 38x230 mm (6 pieces)
  • 16-T0010/7  Plastic end caps for sample tubes 16-T0010/6 (12 pieces)
  • 16-T0010/3  Jarring link
  • 16-T0010/8  Hand extruder for sample tubes dia. 38x230 mm.
  • 16-T0005/2  Extension rods, 1 m long (6 pieces)
  • 16-T0005/1  T handle with 1 m rod.
  • 16-T0005/5  Stillson wrenches (2 pieces)

  • Case dimensions: 1050x480x190 mm
  • Weight approx.: 50 kg
For more information on hand augers see Augers.
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Soil prospecting kit