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Shrinkage limit set

ASTM D427 | AASHTO T92 | NF P94-060-1 | UNE 103-108 | UNI 10014
General description
General description
Used for determining the maximum moisture content at which the soil does not shrink after drying the sample.
The set includes:
  • 22-T0035/1 Shrinkage dish 45 mm dia. x 12.7 mm high. (Q.ty 2)
  • 22-T0035/2 Crystallizing dish, 57 mm dia. x 31 mm deep
  • 22-T0035/3 Shrinkage prong plate. Manufactured from transparent acrylic and fit with 3 metal prongs
  • 86-D1171 Evaporating dish
  • 86-D1630 Flexible spatula
  • 86-D1001 Graduated cylinder, 25 ml
All contained in a plastic case.
All the above items can be purchased individually.
  • Case dimensions: 300x280x120 mm
  • Weight approx.: 950 g
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Shrinkage limit set