Soil & Road Base

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A complete range of robust, easy-to-use, reliable and affordable testing equipment to perform analysis of soil samples (including sampling, classification, preparation, chemical testing) and to assess compaction, density, bearing capacity and permeability of road base and subbase soils.

Melting Pot

Used to melt wax toi seal the soil samples and other materials.

Moisture Condition Apparatus

Used in the assessment of earthworks for construction by comparison of compaction characteristics...

Moisture Determination Balance

Automatically and simultaneously dries and weighs solid samples for the determination of moisture.

Mortar and Rubber Pestle

Used to gently crush individual particles for chemical tests.

MULTISPEED accessories Selector

Accessories for covering a wide range of tests using MULTISPEED

PH papers

Used for determining the pH of aqueous solutions.

Pinhole Test Apparatus

Used for evaluation erodibility of certain fine-grained soils with high sodium content.

Piston Volumeter

An easy to use pocket device to determine the in-situ density of undisturbed soil.

Plastic Limit Set

Used for determining the lowest moisture content of a soil sample.

Pocket Penetrometers

Designed for making field classification of cohesive soils in terms of consistency, shear strength.

Proctor Penetrometer

Used for establishing the moisture content-penetration resistance relationship of fine-grained soils

Quantab Chloride Titrators

This method provides a measurement of water soluble chloride salts present in a soil or aggregates

Sampling Equipment

Used to take undisturbed soil sample in soft and fine soils.

Sand Replacement Test Sets, BS

Used to determine the degree of compaction on site by a simple procedure.

Sand Replacement Test Tets, ASTM/CNR/NF

Used to determine the degree of compaction on site by a simple procedure.

Shear Hand Vane Tester

Used to measure the undrained shear strength (CU) of cohesive soils

Shrinkage Limit Set

Used for determining the maximum moisture content at which the soil does not shrink after drying.

Soil Colour Charts

Used as an affordable quick method to evaluate the type of soil