Soil Mechanics

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Our product development process helps to future-proof your lab. We design each of our machines to be completely modular, giving you maximum flexibility.
Start with an entry-level system with manual or electronic data acquisition and move to a more advanced fully automatic PC-controlled system.

By incorporating testing automation and Electromechanical Servoactuation technology (EmS) in all our products, your laboratory will benefit from equipment that is efficient at producing accurate and repeatable results time after time, enhancing your lab's reputation.

Electronic Volume Change Apparatus

Used for measuring variation of volume of soil sample in a triaxial test.

Large Shear Testing Machine - SHEARMATIC 300

Used for testing soil and other materials that contain large particles of up to 20 mm.

Triaxial cells' accessories Selector

Consumable and not consumable accessories to be use with triaxial cells.

Laboratory Vane Apparatus

Used as a quick method for measuring shear strength of cohesive soils.

Axial Dial Indicators

Used for measuring axial deformation on soil sample.

Bender Elements

Used to measure in triaxial cell the maximum shear modulus (Gmax) of soil samples

Consolidation Bench for Shear Boxes

Used to apply a constant load on a sample placed on a shear box to reduce the testing time.

Consolidation Bench for Triaxial Cells

Used for reducing testing time for triaxial tests, where only one compression machine is available.

Consolidation cells' accessories

This accessory, avalibale for all consolidation cell models, shoul be ordered separately.

Constant Rate of Strain Cell (CRS)

Used to measure the magnitude and rate of consolidation of saturated cohesive soil.

Double Burette Volume Change Apparatus

Used for measuring variation of volume on soil sample in traxial tests - Analog version

Double Wall Triaxial Cells for Unsaturated Tests

Used for performing triaxial test on unsaturated soil sample, thanks to the double wall chamber.

Hydraulic Consolidation Cell

Used for hydraulic consolidation test on saturated soil sample.

Hydraulic Consolidation Cell for Unsatureted Samples

Used for hydraulic consolidation test on unsaturated soil sample.

Permeability Cells

Used in conjunction with toxic interface chamber for measuring permeability in contaminated soil.

Pore Water Pressure

Used for measuring pore water pressure on a soil sample in triaxial tests

Pressure Transducers

Used for measuring pore water pressure and acquiring cell pressure, back pressure.

Shear box accessories

The sample cutter and the extrusion dolly, necessary during the specimen preparation operations