Soil Mechanics

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Our product development process helps to future-proof your lab. We design each of our machines to be completely modular, giving you maximum flexibility.
Start with an entry-level system with manual or electronic data acquisition and move to a more advanced fully automatic PC-controlled system.

By incorporating testing automation and Electromechanical Servoactuation technology (EmS) in all our products, your laboratory will benefit from equipment that is efficient at producing accurate and repeatable results time after time, enhancing your lab's reputation.

External Load Cells

Used for measuring the axial force applied to soil sample.

Oedometers, Front Loading

Manual consolidation testing equipment analog or electronic configuration.

Pressure and volume controller for triaxial tests - AUTOTRIAX EmS

Used for generating water pressure in and around the test specimen in AUTOTRIAX EmS

Resonant Column

Resonant Column is a versatile system that combines Resonant Column and torsional shear tests.

Standard Triaxial Cells

Used for performing triaxial test - effective/total stress and permeability

Standard Triaxial System with Built-in Digital Data Acquisition

Used by educational lab needing a compact solution without external data acquisition.

Triaxial Load Frame TRIAX

Basic triaxial load frame without built-in data acquisition up to 70 mm sample

Axial Displacement Transducers

Used for measuring axial deformation on soil sample

Consolidation cells

Used for incremental loading test and swelling and permeability tests with oedometer apparatus

Cyclic Simple Shear

Cyclic pneumatic simple shear machine

Direct and Residual Shear Testing Machine DIGISHEAR

Manual/electronic direct/residual shear machine

Oil/Water Pressure System

Used for providing a variable constant pressure using a oil/water interface

Standard Triaxial System with External/Expandable Digital Data Acquisition

Used by commercial and educational lab needing central data acquisition and flexible configurations.

Triaxial Load Frame TRITECH with 4 Built-In Channels

Ideal for high productivity triaxial testing

Triaxial test automatic control and processing softwares - AUTOTRIAX EmS

AUTOTRIAX EmS software is a comprehensive and user-friendly interface between operator and system

Air pressure controller and water volume change for unsaturated soils triaxial tests - AUTOTRIAX EmS

Used for performing unsaturated triaxial test in AUTOTRIAX EmS

Ring Shear Testing Machine - TORSHEAR EmS

Fully automatic ring shear testing machine used for residual shear test

Triaxial Load Frame TRIAX with 4 Built-In Channels

Basic triaxial load frame with built-in data acquisition up to 70 mm sample